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Customised Business Software - System Requirements Analysis

Before we begin coding a new system, PMP Design liase closely with a client to understand their business and work out in detail exactly what features are required for a new system.

Each individual function of a system will be analysed both on its own and as a part of the whole system. Over fifteen years of experience allow us to identify potential issues and suggest alternatives before we begin coding.

Over the years we have found that the vast majority of systems will require expansion at some point. Even if the system scope does not require it, we try to anticipate possible future requirements and design the system so that future expansion can be accomplished in the most cost effective manner possible.

Once we have understood and analysed the new system requirements, we provide a detailed proposal outlining each individual feature or module together with requirements and expected outcomes.

When the system requirements analysis is completed, we will provide estimates of time frames for delivery of identified parts of the system to suit both client requirements and coding times required.