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Customised Business Software
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Customised Business Software - System & Software Development

The development stage of a new system is generally coded at our premises based on the system requirements analysis developed in the earlier stages of a project.

As part of the development process, we take care of all aspects of the system coding including interfacing with other systems and preparing any data which requires loading or moving from previous systems.

Testing is a critical part of the development process and we continuously test individual system units during the development process to ensure they work as expected both individually and as part of the entire system.

Once the system is near completion, we also fully test the system from start to finish of all possible workflows to ensure it performs as expected.

When we are confident the system performs as expected, we generally release a test version of the system so that the client can start to become familiar with their new system. At this stage, any issues should generally be discovered and rectified prior to the system going live.

Other items which we may develop during this stage are support systems, for example networking and server hardware and software, backups or external hosting depending on project requirements.

Since most of the systems PMP Design develop are quite large, detailed documentation of all code is also undertaken. This provides valuable information should changes or additions to the system be required later on.