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Customised Business Software - Design & Development

PMP Design have specialised in designing and developing custom business software for over fifteen years.

Many organisations require systems that cannot be purchased 'off the shelf'. Traditionally, designing and implementing custom systems has been a very expensive and long term process only available to large businesses.

Advances in programming technology over the last decade have allowed the rapid development of robust, fully featured systems providing exactly what a customer requires.

One other major factor involved in cost effectively providing custom systems is experience. PMP Design have over fifteen years experience in the development of custom software and can utilise this experience to create new systems.

Our path to delivering a robust and dependable system

When we are asked to provide a new system or replace an existing system, we first of all liase with the client to work out in detail what the client requires. This step ensures that the final product performs the functions required, allows for possible future expansion and can easily be maintained. This is generally documented in detail so that both our client and ourselves know exactly what is expected.

Once all requirements have been decided on, we commence the build stage of the system. This will involve the coding of the majority of the system to the point where we have extensively tested the system at our premises and we are confident that it performs as required. At this stage, we generally release a test implementation so that the client can actually use the system and confirm that it performs the desired features.

The test stage of the system allows the client to see exactly how their new system works and allows for any desired changes to be made and retested prior to implementation of the live system. In addition, it provides an opportunity to train key users in the use of the system and to gain feedback on any unforeseen issues with the original system specification.

At the release stage, we will ensure the system is properly installed, that any data is loaded or copied across from older or other systems and that the system works as expected. In addition, we provide final training to users (or in some cases provide training to key personnel who will then train other users).

Once release is complete, we provide support and backup to the client to ensure that the system performs as expected and that all users know how to operate the system.

Should I have a custom system developed or modify an off the shelf system?

This depends on a number of factors. The primary one is how much modification will be required and the cost of this in terms of dollars and time.

In our years of experience, we find that in the long term, having a custom system developed is quite often more cost effective that buying or leasing an off the shelf system and modifying it.

Other determining factors include return on investment, business risk in continuing to use older and in many cases unsupported systems and the cost of inefficient existing business processes compared with a new, optimised system.

PMP Design can assist with your analysis of these complex decisions. Contact us for more information about how we can help.